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Sopris Theatre Company's Wheeler Performance Funds Trip To Community Theatre 'Superbowl'


Sopris Theatre Company performs its award-winning production of “The Other Place” in Aspen on Friday. It's a fundraiser to take the show to a national community theater competition.



“The Other Place” is a mystery, of sorts, about a neurologist whose life seems to be falling apart.  

Sopris Theatre Company took home five awards for their performance at the Colorado Theatre Festival last summer. Now, they’re headed to the American Association of Community Theatre’s competition in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania this summer.


Actor Mike Monroney says, it’s comparable to another national competition.


“I guess it is kind of the Superbowl of community theatre,” he said.


The audience at the Wheeler will get to witness rapid-fire set-building and breakdown, as well as the play itself. Monroney explains it’s part of the rules for the theater competition.


"The set and all the actors are in a ten-foot box on the floor, and when they say, 'Go!' you have to set your play up in less than ten minutes, perform it in less than an hour and then break it down in less than ten minutes," he said.

Monroney says the framework serves as an equalizer, so well-funded theater companies don’t gain an advantage with elaborate sets.

“The Other Place” begins at 7 p.m. Friday at the Wheeler.




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