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Lisa Hancock: 'We Consider Ourselves To Be Very Lucky'

Jun 17, 2020

Lisa Hancock's college-aged children are home during the pandemic. She says their family keeps busy with baking, watching Marvel movies and putting together jigsaw puzzles.
Credit Aspen Historical Society

Lisa Hancock said having her two college-aged children at home during the pandemic has been "mostly wonderful."

Her son, a student at the University of New Hampshire, is finishing his senior year of college from their basement, something Hancock said saddened her.

"No graduation ceremonies for him, none of that excitement to be finishing up with his peers," she said. 

Hancock said she's grateful her family has stayed healthy, and she worries about the stress and desperation that others are feeling. 

"I just want to wish all of us the best as we wait this out and hope for a return to normal," she said.