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Quarantine Stories: Recording History

A project from Aspen Historical Society and Aspen Public Radio, supported in part by Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

Credit Alex Hager/Aspen Public Radio. A sign on the door of Carl's Pharmacy in Aspen announces that medical masks are sold out.

Aspen Public Radio and Aspen Historical Society are partnering to collect and memorialize the valley’s collective pandemic history by harnessing the power of storytelling.

We’re asking you, our community, to help capture history in the making by contributing to “Quarantine Stories: Recording History,” a new community oral history project.

In the style of the award-winning national program, StoryCorps, “Quarantine Stories” will feature stories and self-recorded interviews from individuals and families in the Roaring Fork Valley during these historic circumstances.

You can participate by interviewing your family or telling us your “Stay at Home” story. What are you feeling and seeing? What motivates you? What scares you? What is the day like outside your window?

Record and send in an audio clip to be preserved in perpetuity in the Aspen Historical Society Archive. The future may be uncertain, but together we can capture history happening in real time.

There are two easy ways to submit your recording:

1. Record it as voice memo on your phone and email it to

2. Call 970-812-3726 and leave your story as a voicemail

Please include your name in your recording and speak clearly and loudly for the best audio quality.

Here are a few ideas to get the interview juices flowing:

  • What has been the hardest challenge for you and/or your family during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What has been rewarding about staying at home? What are the peaks and valleys of the day?
  • Have you or a family member been personally infected by the COVID-19 virus? If so, tell us what that was like? Have you been tested?
  • Has the county- and statewide “Stay at Home” order affected you financially? How are you coping?
  • What is homeschooling like for your child? For you?
  • How do you think life will change in our community?
  • What are you most afraid of? Encouraged by?
  • How are you connecting with your community as we continue to be physically separated?
  • What are you most looking forward to after social isolation policies are rolled back?

*By submitting your story, you agree to it being aired on Aspen Public Radio and archived for future use by Aspen Historical Society for educational and archival purposes as set forth here.

Support for Quarantine Stories on Aspen Public Radio comes from Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, educating for environmental responsibility since 1968.