Roaring Fork School District announces teacher cuts

Feb 16, 2017

  The Roaring Fork School District announced yesterday that around 30 teachers could be cut from the system this year.

The cuts are based on early enrollment predictions for the 2017/2018 school year. With the new Kindergarten through eighth Riverview School opening up in the fall, many elementary and middle school students will transfer away from Glenwood Springs schools. Public information officer Kelsey Been said that makes for mixed emotions at the school district.

“We’re so excited that we have taxpayer support to build and open a new school, and yet right now, this month and over the next few months, it’s going to be really hard as we work to figure out staffing,” said Been.

A state law prohibits the district from reassigning teachers directly from one school to another, so instead they have to lay off teachers from the Glenwood Springs elementary and middle schools and rehire them at Riverview. Although there’s no guarantee those teachers will get their jobs back. At least one administrator will also be let go as the enrollment population shifts.