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Aspen Ideas: Health
5/13-17; 3:30 p.m.

Aspen Ideas: Health (previously Spotlight Health) is the opening segment of the annual Aspen Ideas Festival, June 20th - 23rd, 2019.

The three-day health conference features a mix of experts and global leaders who dive into topics of medicine and health.

In our special series, host and reporter Alycin Bektesh presents five episodes featuring speakers at this year's festival. 

Latest Episodes
  • Today, we look inside your body and get familiar with your immune system’s constant vigilance against infection and disease. We also look at your body…
  • Today, we look at diversity and inclusion as it pertains to healthcare, and the emerging practice of patient-centered care. How can we even the playing…
  • Today we look at Health, wealth, and the ethics and values of medicine. How can we ensure everyone has access to care, even if they can’t afford it? And…
  • Today we turn to sex, drugs and mental health. Worldwide, sexually-transmitted diseases are on the rise. Many cultures don’t discuss sex in public and…
  • Today we look at the broad scope of health and medicine as we know it. How do we define these terms in the United States and around the world? What are we…