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Notes from Pyeongchang: On to more races

Ruthie Brown

The U.S. skied really well in the individual sprint; Sim qualified in a relaxed 19th position but then unfortunately was taken out by an “Olympic Athlete from Russia” during the quarterfinals.

It was unintentional but never the less, tough to swallow. They are not World Cup skiers so they don’t get tested during the season. It’s an unfortunate situation, treating athletes like human lab experiments. But what can you do, it’s on to the next race!

Credit Ruthie Brown
Look closely to see Wiley Maple flying through the top turns of the downhill course.

Today we ventured over three bus rides and three valleys to the Alpine downhill venue to cheer on Wiley Maple in the men’s downhill.

Credit Ruthie Brown
The Maple cheering squad.

We met up with the Maple family -- Mike, Julie and Alex, on a beautiful day to cheer for Wiley’s great performance.

Credit Ruthie Brown
The Korean volunteers were fascinated with the Wiley Maple cheering prop.

Credit Ruthie Brown

Olympic plaza has a variety of statues, many symbolizing all countries are connected in one small/big world.

Credit Ruthie Brown
Alpensia Olympic Park fireworks.

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