R2 Gallery

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

A new exhibit at Carbondale’s R2 Gallery looks at how the digital age is shaping humans.  “Alarming: Human Identity in the Digital Age” creates a world that imitates the one found online.  

Denver-based visual artist K. Vuletich and sound designer Sarah Espinoza collaborated to create an environment that Espinoza says mimics social media.  

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Long-time Roaring Fork Valley fabric artist Etar owned a high-end clothing store in Aspen for over thirty years. Now, in her eighties, she works out of her Carbondale home.

Her new exhibition at the R2 Gallery, “Transcultural Bonding,” highlights the role clothing plays in cultures around the world. 


She says the title of this show refers to the time she spent in places like Bolivia, Uzbekistan and Dubai, learning from locals about traditional weaving and fabrics.


Palisade artist Julia March Crocetto looks at the conflict between perception and reality when it comes to the American West.

Many of Crocetto’s quilts and textiles in the new show, “Post-Frontier Landscapes,” on display at Carbondales' R2 Gallery, focus on water, portraying streambeds and rivers.

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Savanna LaBauve and Stephanie Seguin have spent the past two years as artists-in-residence at the Carbondale Clay Center.

The fruits of their labor go on display Friday in a new exhibit at the R2 Gallery.

The two artists spent their residencies exploring different forms and materials, experimentation that Seguin says is on display in their show “Linear//Planar.”



Artist Saxon Martinez looks at traditional Mexican imagery in an exhibition opening Friday in Carbondale called “Site 1.”

The Valley Visual art exhibition at the R2 Gallery in Carbondale is the longest-standing open-call art show in the Roaring Fork Valley. It’s open to all artists with an area code that starts with 8-1-6. The show features an eclectic mix of local art, a lot of which comes from non-professional artists. Some are hobbyists who know this is only place they’ll be able to exhibit their work all year. Others see it as a career move, a way to get a foot in the door in the art world.  

As Hurricane Florence’s impact is felt in the Southeast, a new exhibit at Carbondale’s R2 Gallery showcases work created by a local artist who visited the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma last year. Mary Conover’s abstract paintings capture the complexity of natural disasters.

Alisa Golden

Two new group exhibitions open Friday at the R2 Gallery in Carbondale. They use different mediums to combine visual art and words.

Carbondale Arts

On Friday, a collaborative art show, “Word is Bond,” opens in Carbondale.  Arts reporter Christin Kay spoke with the the artists, who likened the process to a conversation.  

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