Christin Kay

Arts and Culture Reporter

Christin Kay is passionate about the rich variety of arts, cultural experiences and stories in the Roaring Fork Valley. She has been a devotee of public radio her whole life.


Born in Denver, she attended Kansas State University as an undergraduate and Regis University for her masters degree in Education, Learning and Teaching. She was in the classroom for 14 years as an English teacher, working to show students that their voices mattered. A teaching opportunity at Aspen High School brought her to the Roaring Fork Valley for the first time in 2011. It was love at first sight, and she’s still in a bit of awe that she can call this place home.  


She came to Aspen Public Radio as a programming and content producer, planning community dialogues and town halls, and hosting and/or producing local shows Cross Currents, Mountain Edition and Valley Roundup. 


Christin refuels by skiing, biking, hiking and just breathing in the mountains. Her newest adventure is becoming a mom. She lives in Carbondale with her husband Jeremy, her son Weston and her dog Yalla. She loves to talk books and podcasts, so if you have a recommendation for her, let her know!   

Interesting stories, and how they are crafted, are at the heart of what Christin loves about public radio. A well-told story can inspire, open and connect like nothing else. She is honored to be a part of Aspen Public Radio and to have the opportunity to bring stories from the Roaring Fork Valley to life every day.

Ways to Connect

Grammy-award winning a capella group TAKE 6 performs the songs of blues-and-soul legend Ray Charles Saturday evening at the Benedict Music Tent in Aspen.  

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Young people have galvanized social change throughout American history. As a new exhibit on the Aspen Institute campus shows, art has been a source of inpiration and a way to get the message out. This past spring, students became the leaders of anti-gun violence protests. Arts and culture reporter Christin Kay met with three students, on the forefront of the fight to make schools and society safer, to talk to them about the role of art in social unrest.

Claire Woodcock

Carbondale is looking for input from artists on a potential mixed-use housing development. An online survey is the next step in an ongoing collaboration between the town and national nonprofit Artspace, which helps communities build affordable housing for creatives.

Aspen Institute

The Founders created a representative republic rather than a direct democracy, designed to slow down deliberation so that majorities could rule based on reason rather than passion. But in the age of Facebook and Twitter, new social media technologies have unleashed populist passions and accelerated public discourse to warp speed, creating the very mobs, demagogues, echo chambers, and factions that Madison and Hamilton feared. Is the American idea in crisis, and if so, what can we do about it?

Deborah Colley

Wednesday night in Carbondale, citizens and artists can work together to promote public lands.

Carbondale local Deborah Colley is adding an element to her film, “Letters to Congress: A WILD Sanity,” with the goal of expanding the impact of the film.

Aspen Ideas Festival

Charlottesville, the iconic home of Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and the University of Virginia, is now also permanently associated with the 2017 white supremacist hate rallies — and their tragic outcome. Why did those groups choose Charlottesville? What was the impact of the violence on the community, and how has the city worked to move forward? What has Charlottesville learned, and what can it teach America about healing and resilience in a time of resurging hate and divisiveness?


Welcome to the beginning of another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Ryer Gardenswartz / Aspen Public Radio News

Although infectious disease outbreaks, from influenza to Ebola, surface with alarming frequency, more than 80% of the world has not yet developed an adequate response plan. Does your nation have one in place?

Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

The Aspen Ideas Festival starts Thursday, and there is new art on the campus of the Aspen Institute. Slogans like “End the draft!” and “Vote yes for peace!” are stamped in giant letters on Vietnam-era protest posters in the Paepcke Gallery.

Aspen Words

Mohsin Hamid is the author of the bestselling novel "Exit West," which follows a young couple who flees an unnamed war-torn country and tries to resettle in a new home. Earlier this year, the book won Aspen Words’ first literary prize. Hamid will discuss his work Tuesday evening in Aspen for Aspen Words’ Summer Words.


Christin Kay / Aspen Public Radio

Heritage Fire culinary festival was Saturday in Snowmass Village. The event featured whole-animal cookery over open fires. There’s also a larger purpose: To spread education about local farmers and sustainably raised meat. Arts and culture reporter Christin Kay took a trip from farm to table, or, in this case, farm to fire pit.

Welcome to the beginning of another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.

Aspen Words

Author Heather Harpham’s memoir “Happiness: The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After” is about her infant daughter’s life-threatening illness.  Harpham speaks Monday night on an Aspen Words’ Summer Words panel.

Food and Wine

It’s glitz and glamour this weekend in Aspen for the annual Food and Wine Classic... but, as one visiting restaurateur has seen, many workers in the industry are just one unexpected crisis away from having unpaid hospital bills pile up or from being evicted.

Heritage Fire returns to Snowmass Village on Saturday.  The culinary festival features cooking whole animals over open flames. The focus is also on locally raised meat and produce.

Anderson Ranch

Artist Esteban de Valle is giving a talk at Anderson Ranch Thursday called “Makin’ It.” It’s about fulfilling the dream of becoming a full-time artist, which hasn’t been without its challenges for him.  

Aspen Words

Francisco Cantu is Aspen Words’ Writer-in-Residence this month.  Tuesday evening, he’ll discuss his bestselling memoir “The Line Becomes A River: Dispatches from the Border.”

Welcome to the beginning of another week in the Roaring Fork Valley! This is Week in the Arts, a curated list of upcoming exhibitions and events.



The Community Office for Resource Efficiency, or CORE hosts an evening of storytelling Wednesday at Rock Bottom Ranch. "Fire in the Belly: Stories of CHANGE" is centered on moments of personal transition.

The Wheeler Opera House kicks off its summer season with the show "NU-TOPIA: Tour the Mystery!" It uses dance, a light show and the music of The Beatles to spread a message of love. It’s also part of a new effort by the Wheeler to showcase productions headed up by locals.